Our Activities

Direct Activity:

The company’s business operations consist of import and export, as well as storage and cooling activity for others in the company’s stores and refrigerators, both in Glyph and Alexandria.

   In addition to local trading and trading in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
• All commercial and international operations and transactions
• Participation in domestic and international bidding and bidding
• Mediating international business transactions and operations
• Customs clearance and services
• Creation and organization of various international exhibitions and markets
• Storage and cooling works at the company stores in Qliub and Alexandria branches

Indirect activity:

It is the company’s third-party import-export operations in exchange for domestic and external commissions.

1- One of the foreign trade companies since it date of inception in 1960.

2- All international transactions, deals, Import, Export.

3- Participation i local, international tenders, auctions.

4-Trade agents, representatives for many international companies.

5- Brokers in executing international transactions, deals.

6- Warehousing, cold storing in its owned assemblies in Alexandria, Kaliob Cities.

7- Clearance, customs services in Egyptian Ports.

8- Establishing, organizing, and participating in different international Exhibition.