Legal entity of the company:

In 1961, Banque Misr studied the establishment of the Misr Import and Export Company, and the company’s shares were subscribed to according to a preliminary contract dated 01/19/1961.

The company was affiliated to the Misr Corporation under Republican Decree No. 1202 of 1961.

The company was affiliated to the Egyptian General Trade Corporation on December 21, 1961, according to Republican Decree No. 1899 of 1961 establishing the Supreme Council for Institutions.

On 1/3/1964 Law No. 51 of 1964 was issued to transfer and add some companies to the attached schedule to Law No. 117 of 1962 related to the nationalization of companies. The schedule included the Misr Import and Export Company.

The Board of Directors of the Egyptian General Organization for Foreign Trade issued a decision in a session on 10/5/1965 as an extraordinary general assembly for the company to establish the Misr Import and Export Company. This decision was published in the Egyptian Gazette on 3/24/1966 No. 23 and all the shares of the company became owned by the General Authority. For the foreign trade sector.

Now the company is subject to the Public Business Sector Law No. 203 of 1991 and is affiliated with the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport.

The company’s headquarters are 41 Abdel Khaleq Tharwat Street – Cairo.